Buenos Aires is the South American capital of culture. It is home to one of the most important book fairs, audiovisual art fairs, film festivals. Only in Buenos Aires can you find over 450 independent theaters, an entire avenue dedicated to commercial theater, one of the best opera houses in the world and a countless number of locations that contribute to it's legendary nightlife. There is truly something here for everyone including: tango, soccer, great cuisine, free open-air concerts and markets, art galleries and museums.Though you can marvel at all of the historic architecture, don't let it mislead you. This city has a modern vision that is constantly nourished by the diversity of those who pass through it. Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city that has it all and is embodied by charming inhabitants who always play good hosts and are ready to give advice on how to make it in a city that has secrets in its streets and in its neighborhoods.

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Time has proven that a relaxed atmosphere is the best environment to be in when getting to know the Spanish language. As such, the teachers at CASA Spanish School come equipped with the best attitude and skill set to offer our students a top-notch education. The dedication and personal attention they give each to student helps to differentiate them from the rest when it comes to guiding students through the learning process. By utilizing games and the best teaching methods available, they are able to make each student feel welcome whether in individual instruction or in a dynamic group setting.

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We are located in the Retiro district, meters from the Plaza San Martin, a few blocks from the financial and commercial center of Buenos Aires, 10 minutes from the San Telmo neighborhood and the Recoleta Cemetery. Easily accessible by bus or subway. Within the school, there is also an art studio and the walls are decorated with paintings and photos from Argentine artists, reinforcing the cultural immersion. Additionally, there is a space to view movies and short films from Argentina and South America, helping to showcase the use of the language in an authentic cultural context. Our classrooms are spacious, bright and have air conditioning/heating.

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