Getting ready for your trip to South America

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How to learn Spanish faster and be ready for your trip in Latin America

Clemens, from Germany, came to CASA Spanish in order to be able to travel around Latin America much more easily. This is why we think he had a successful Spanish experience during his trip.

In August of 2016, Clemens came to CASA Spanish through the recommendation of a friend to take one week of classes, but in the end ended up staying with us for 4 weeks. When he arrived he spoke very basic Spanish. Over his time in our Spanish School in Buenos Aires he formed his travel plans in Latin America. For three months he travelled through Peru, Chile and Bolivia and he told us he was able to travel around with ease and in each place he went he could speak to locals and make new friends.

But what’s Clemens’ secret to learning Spanish so quickly? Practice, practice and practice.

As well as living with a host family, what made his adaptation to the new sound of the language and the accent much easier was that Clemens from the first day asked us to speak in Spanish to him (slightly adjusted and speaking slowly of course) including when he still didn’t have sufficient vocabulary. At the beginning he spoke in English, but after a week he began to speak in Spanish, without worrying about small mistakes because ‘that’s why we’re all here at CASA’. His desire to learn the language and live in true immersion with his environment was incredible.

Today, 7 months after he returned to Germany he is back in Buenos Aires to work. He had various interviews which were all in Spanish and he soon found a job. His Spanish continues getting better day by day but he feels like it’s getting easier quicker than it did before. It’s for that reason that now he is taking part in out ‘resident program’ in CASA Spanish and we know that with time and spending time with Argentinians at work and in his day to day life he will soon be a true porteño. During the time that Clemens spent away from Argentina we stayed in contact with him (always in Spanish) and today we feel that a student hasn’t returned to Buenos Aires, but a friend.

The testimony of Clemens

Testimony of Clemens’ teacher, Rita

I met Clemens last year, he did three weeks at beginners level. Throughout his course he shared his classes with other students and he always got on with everyone. His performance with the language was excellent and his dedication was noted day in day out. It was a pleasure to have shared such fun and lovely moments with him.

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