avellaneda sales in Buenos Aires

Shopping economically in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is famous for shopping latest fashion clothes. You can find outstanding leather products and jewellery. Palermo is is the most trendy part of Buenos Aires but, what if your budget is limited for one reason or another to save your pesos grab a friend with you and head towards Calle Avellaneda in Flores and Floresta. There you can find the same clothes and accessories than in Palermo boutiques with the difference that you will pay half of the price.

The epicentre of shopping is located on Avellaneda and Nazca, where you’ll find locals hoarding clothing and accessories at wholesale prices. Stores sell the items “por mayor”, for retailers. The majority of the stores will display in the window if it is “por mayor”, which indicates the minimum number of articles you have to buy (generally from 3 to 6 items min.).  Other stores, may have two prices – one for retailers and one for ordinary shoppers like us. Remember to ask if you can combine your shopping cart with different products. In many stores you don’t have to select the same model of the piece of clothing.

These stores are open from Monday – Friday from 8/8.30 – 6pm and Saturday from 8.30 – 2pm.  Since this place is visited by the masses, try to get there early to avoid some of the crowd.

And remember ONLY CASH. Why? Because THIS IS ARGENTINA 😉

avellaneda sales

You can go shopping after your spanish class and take advantage of the offers with a classmate. From school you can take the subway (line C + A) or the bus lines 5 or 99.

From different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires you can take the  Subway Line “A”. Bus lines: 132, 106, 99, 141, 92, 63, 113, 133.
The trip takes between 35 and 55 minutes.

Check the site Mapa Buenos Aires or download the app “Como Llego” to your cellphone.

avellaneda sales