Glaciar Perito Moreno

When to go:

You should during the Argentinien spring/summer from November to April; in winter is too cold and the sun goes down very early, limiting their uptime.

My journey:

Patagonia is very large and there is much to visit. My track for almost 2 weeks was Calafate> Puerto Natales (Chile)> Ushuaia> Chaltén. Calafate is a mini tourist town. The city itself offers good food for all budgets, several tour packages for all ages. At Ushuaia is mandatory to visit the Canal del Beagle and Bahía Lapataia.

What to do

patagonia horse rider

In Calafate, I chose the hotel “La Loma” for its good location and price (2 blocks from downtown / 3 blocks from the bus station) .The most important activity is the visit to the Perito Moreno glacier, something that one has to visit for its stateliness. Hotels / hostels you prune request a transfer to park and a mini bus would be pick up to look at the scheduled time. The price is $ 50.-

The other tours I would recommend is the glacier horse rides, you’ll spend an amazing day on horseback with breakfast / roast, beautiful scenery behind the glacier. The price is $ 100 but booking through the website goes down 10%

The is also a tour “trekking the glacier”, which is a group tour that you walk on the glacier that also the cost is about $ 100.-

My next destination was Puerto Natales is a port city a few hours away by bus. I recommend buying bus tickets as soon as possible because they sell out quickly. The trip is like 4-5 hours for $ 30. Puerto Natales is a small city, about 100 years living from fishing and it’s a Pacific port. Today, it lives almost full tourism, as thousands of tourists from around the world goes to that city as a base to go to Torres del Paine National Park to make long trips from 3 days to 2 weeks. I choose to make a quick trip to the park by bus passing through the key places. In Chile to enter parks have to pay the entrance it is at least $ 35.-

I went to two places for dinner / lunch there that I found amazing. A delicious pizza called the “Guanaca pizzeria” and other more modern, this in fact is an empty container named Santolla on the street called Magallanes.

Patagonia Penguins
El Chaltén

Arriving at Ushuaia, very cold even in summer. In Ushuaia, I stayed at the hostel Yakush, I found one of the best of the whole trip. I decided to make the trekk to the emerald lagoon (Laguna Esmeralda) that is purely easy and nice way, you can see a lot of nature and dams made by beavers. The next day take the tour boat passing by the lighthouse Les Eclaireurs and marine wolves, penguins and marine birds, found it very good experience, it take many hours and the back around becomes very long. Ushuaia is important to test the spider crab (king crab) in a non-touristy restaurant called Chiko.

My journey ends in the Chalten that from the Calafate airport you could take a combi for $ 30 and the trip takes about 4 hours. The chalten is characteristic as the South American capital of trekking, “Pièce de résistance” is being fitz roy mountain (Laguna de los 3). The slope of the final straight is very tiring and are one hour walking up, but on arrival see something magical that is indescribable.