5. Public Holidays
5.1 CASA Spanish Academy closes on public holidays. During any weeks when one day of group classes lands on a public holiday, no classes will take place on that day. Private lessons will be rescheduled.
The 3 hours of a group class will we splitted in the other 4 days until complete the 3 lost hours.
5.2 During weeks when there are two public holidays, no classes will take place on those days. The 6 lost hours will splitted in the 3 days left during that week
In any case no refunds will be made.
5.3 The Argentine government can create and announce new public holidays at anytime during the year with little or no notice. While CASA Spanish Academy will do its best to inform the students about public holidays, it is the student’s responsibility to look up all the public holidays in Argentina when they book their travel.

January 1st/ February 24th / February 25th/ March 23th/ March 24th/ April 2nd/ April 9th/ April 10th/ May 1st/ May 25th / June 15th/ June 20th/ 9th July/ 10th July/ August 21rd / October 12th/ November 23th/ December 7th/ December 8th/ December 25th/ December 31st

These dates may change according to the National Holiday calendar. You can check the dates on the government website: https://www.argentina.gob.ar/interior/feriados-nacionales-2020 and contact us to check if school works.

Travel Documents and Insurance
The student is fully responsible for having all necessary valid travel documents, travel insurance and medical insurance. Any non-compliance and any resulting damages are solely responsibility of the student. CASA Spanish Academy reserves the right to refuse a student to join any of its activities or excursions if such student fails to prove that he/she has the required
travel documents and/or insurance to participate safely.

1. Definitions
"CASA Spanish Academy" or ‘the school’ shall mean CASA Spanish Academy. ‘You’ or ‘student’ shall mean the person in whose name the booking is made and shall include the person or persons on whose behalf the same is made. ‘Force Majeure’ shall mean any event outside CASA Spanish Academy control, including but not limited to war and civil strife etc., which prevents the prompt performance of its obligations. 2. General Information
General information included in the website (www.casaspanishacademy.com) is for help and guidance. The contract incorporating these conditions shall be governed by Argentine law and any matters arising out of it shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Argentina, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires.
3. Spanish Courses
3.1 A regular group class lasts 3 hours per day, including a 15/20 -minute break.
3.2 There is no rescheduling for Spanish group lessons once classes have started.
3.3 If a student of CASA Spanish Academu is absent due to reasons including but not limited to sickness, travel etc. there is no refund or rescheduling of group classes unattended with or without prior notice.
3.4 Spanish Private classes require at least 24 business hours to schedule or reschedule. Also see point 14.3.
3.5 During high season, CASA Spanish Academy reserves the right to introduce afternoon Spanish group classes. CASA Spanish Academy will notify students when such option is available but the student schedule will be ultimately determined by CASA Spanish Academy
4. No Show and Late Arrival Policy
4.1 In any situation where the student(s) do not show up for their scheduled class and they are the only student(s) in the class, CASA Spanish Acaemy reserves the right to release the teacher after 30 minutes of waiting unless notification of late arrival has been made in advance. Once the teacher has been released, the class is automatically cancelled and no rescheduling of class will be made.
4.2 Classes start and end as scheduled by CASA Spanish Academy. If a student arrives late, the class time missed is not refundable nor can it be rescheduled.
9. Prices
The prices stated on the website are the official charges; prices in any 3rd party websites, printed flyers, brochures, advertisements or other materials are for indication only. Prices are subject to change at any time. In the case that only partial payment was made by a student and the prices changed, it is at the discretion of CASA Spanish Academy to decide whether or not to honor the price from the time of booking to the student upon completion of the full payment.
10. Discount/Promotion
10.1 Group classes are priced by the week. There will be no discounts for any partial week due to reasons including but not limited to holidays or late registration.
10.2 Promotions that are offered directly by CASA Spanish Academy cannot be combined with any other discounts offered by third parties, unless stated otherwise.
14. Changes by the Student
14.1 If a student wants to make changes to a booked and paid program (including spanish courses, accommodation, airport transfer and/or any other services provided by CASA Spanish Academy before their program has started, the request must be made to CASASpanish Academy in writing, and Academy Spanish Academy reserves the right to charge an administration fee of up to US$30 per person per change to cover the additional administration involved.
14.2 If a student wants to change to his/her Spanish course program from one type to another, a change fee of US$30 will be applied. If this request is made less than 5 business days before the change is expected to occur, then CASA Spanish Academy will do its best to make the requested changes, but the ability of CASA Spanish Academy to make the change will also depend on the school’s schedule and availability.
14.3 If a student wants to reschedule his/her private class or online class, the request must be made at least 24 business hours before class starts. If this requirement is not met, the class will not be rescheduled and no refund will be given. The rescheduled time will depend on the school’s schedule availability.
15. Cancellation and Refund Policy
15.1 If a student wants to cancel classes, accommodation, airport transfer, or any other item booked through CASA Spanish Academy, the request must be made to CASA Spanish Academy in writing. The date of cancellation will be the date that CASA Spanish Acadmey receives the letter or email. Based on the date of cancellation, our Refund Policy will be:
- 30 or more days before start date of the entire booked program – full refund minus Administration Fee (includes payment transfer charges, credit card charges, etc. if any)
- 15 – 29 days before start date of the entire booked program – 50% of the total amount
- 8 – 14 days before start date of the entire booked program – 25% of the total amount
- 1 – 7 days before start date of the entire booked program – no refund
- Once a booked program has started – no refund. Also see point 11.3.
15.2 If a student wants to cancel a booking that was postponed indefinitely after it had been booked and confirmed (see point 14.1) then the Refund Policy will be applied at the discretion of CASA Spanish Academy.
15.3 Students have the option to convert the refunded amount into credit towards other products provided by CASA Spanish Academy.
15.4 All cancellations are final.